Shedding Your Old Skin – Online Course
A Sacred and Sinous Movement Practice

Sacred Movement Practice

Now is the perfect time for you to transform into a new you. Use this soothing, sinewy movement practice to unwind into the joyful, rejuvenated and refreshed being that you truly are.

imagesEmbrace Light, Embody Radiance

Come slither with me in this series of inspiring movement lessons!

5 video sessions awaken your Inner Serpent Goddess Kundalini and help you release stagnation of body, mind, spirit for healing and rejuvenation.

1. AIR – Head, Face, Neck, Eyes
2. FIRE – Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Heart
3. WATER – Belly, Hips, Vulva, Sacrum
4. EARTH – Legs, Knees, Feet, Toes
5. ETHER – Whole Body Ecdysis



When you sign up,  you will receive an email each week for 5 weeks with a link to a new video class. Watch, listen, move and follow along at your leisure in the comfort of your home. Repeat each 20 minute session as often as you wish to deepen the experience.

These easy and gentle, yet powerful movements will bring new life to your being, restoring creativity and intuition.

  • Enliven your heart and imagination
  • Overcome sadness and feeling stuck
  • Focus on breath and alignment to make the joints feel good
  • Open to the wisdom of your authentic being
  • Harmonize and free your spirit
  • Soothe your soul with luscious music
  • Find solace and inner peace through deep rest

Secret Sacred Serpent teachings complement the movement practice and take you further along your undulating path.

Join with other members in a private Facebook group, sharing and empowering each other.

$97 for five satisfying sensuous sessions.

BONUS features include:

  • meditation techniques
  • diet and beauty tips
  • emotional release tools

Shed the layers that bind you and come home to your real self in a smooth new skin!



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