The Red Candle

First of 13 Moon Studio Dances for 2012 by Le’ema Kathleen Graham, music by Mark Pinkus “The Red Candle”.

I was inspired by this music which came on the XM station on my birthday night while I was driving up to Mt. Tamalpais to watch the Red Full Moon Eclipse of Dec 10, 2011. It was 5 in the morning and there were magnificent shooting stars whizzing by as we climbed the summit. I serenely exulted feeling quiet sublime magic!

These dances are not meant to be performed on stage for live audiences but are a reflection of how I pray in my own space through movement meditation.

Moon Benediction

This dance was created during the first full moon of 2012.
Camerawork and video editing by Eric Bobrow.
Music by Jami Sieber from the soundtrack to Queen of the Sun.

The Moon in it’s exalted sign of Cancer inspired this water prayer dance tone poem.

Imbolc Dance for Beloved Brigid

This piece was created on Feb 7, 2012 in honor of the Goddess Brigid of the 3 Sacred Fires and the Holy Well. It is a tone poem and movement meditation feeling the energy of the Heart/Hearth Flame.

Just before we filmed this I received a phone call telling me that a dear friend, a dancing sister, was murdered. Needless to say I was in a state of shock and went into a very deep place within myself pondering the spirit that burns within the heart of us all. I dedicate this dance to Tania Brooks whose spirit is free now so she can dance in the eternal flame of Great Spirit.

Music by Lorenza Ponce “Beloved” from the album Mystic Fiddler.
Video and editing by Eric Bobrow

Enchanted Spirals of the Sun and Moon

Third Dance in my Thirteen Moon Dances for 2012. Shot on location in Marin Headlands on the Full Moon of March 8, 2012. In this piece I am praying to the sun, moon, sea, sky, stars, stones and earth. The sun was in the sign of the sea, Pisces and the moon in the sign of the earth, Virgo. For me this special time represented the ascent of the Goddess Persephone from her underworld stay with Pluto, and the Spring Equinox balance of equal day, equal night, first darkness then light. I was consciously activating my Merkaba body to bring harmony into all realms through all times.

Music: Enchanted by Mars Lasar and Three Spirals by Peter Maunu
Filmed and Edited by Eric Bobrow
Copyright Le’ema Kathleen Graham 2012

Phoenix Rising

This sacred dance was filmed during the Full Moon of April 6, 2012. The Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra conjured up the image of the Phoenix Rising for me and since it was also the season of Eostar I felt impelled to work with the energies of transformation and resurrection. This is the third dance in my series of 13 Moon Dances for 2012!

I offer these dances for the healing and up-liftment of humanity in my service as a Visionary Dancing Priestess.
The music is Pavane by Darlene Koldenhoven from her album Infinite Voice.
Camera work, Editing and Video is by Eric Bobrow.

Woman Made Fertile by Her Own Spirit

This is the fifth dance in my 13 Moon Dances for 2012 and was synchronous with the 5~5~5 numerology of the date! Five is a number of change, freedom and expansion!

On My Breath

This dance was filmed on the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius in June 2012. I dedicate this dance to a lovely student priestess Ioness, who was killed in a car accident just days before. The theme of LOVE is appropriate for the Sun in Gemini (the Lovers) and the Rumi poem is perfect for the Moon in Sagittarius (the Philosopher). The Venus Transit was appearing in the sky at the very moment this video was posted on You Tube.

Special thanks to Eric Bobrow my Beloved for his filming and editing! And a very special thank you to my deaf friend and priestess Diedre Tubbs, who is like my spiritual daughter for her help with the American Sign Language.

This is the 6th dance in my series of 13 Moon Dances for 2012!

Healing Light

Dance for Full Moon in Capricorn July 3, 2012. Filmed on Kauai.
Video by Eric Bobrow
Music by Richard Stoltzman & Judy Collins.

This dance is a blessing for all the souls who have departed this earth plane wishing them “Deep Peace.” I was feeling the Lemurian energy of this amazing garden island and my prayers were directed from the Ancient Ones to honor those who have gone before me. It is a humble but heart felt offering. Enjoy the beauty of the sea, sky, mountains, and sun and moon so prevalent here….so wild and tender!

Mahalo Nui Loa

Star Goddess

Dance filmed at Mt. Tamalpais, Marin County CA on July 31, 2012.

Video by Eric Bobrow
Music by Gabriela Montero: Baroque Improvisations (Handel Largo “Ombra Mai Fu”, ‘Xerxes’)
Special thanks to Gary Yost for permission to include portions of his time-lapse video of clouds on Mt. Tam.

Sea Siren

This dance was filmed August 31, 2012 in San Francisco, CA.

It was inspired by the Full Blue Moon in Pisces. The sea siren emerges from the ocean to remind us of our watery origins and take us into the deeper realms of the creative unconscious!

Video camerawork and editing by Eric Bobrow
Music: Jennifer Cutting from Ocean; Songs for the Night Sea Journey
Special thanks to Diedre Tubbs for her appearance as a mermaid in this shoot

Isis Illuminated

This dance was filmed during the full moon of Aries on Sept 29 & 30, 2012. It is the tenth choreography of my Thirteen Moon Dances for 2012.

I was guided to dance Isis Illuminated at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, CA for this Harvest Full Moon as a tribute to my dear Arch Priestess Lady Loreon Vigne who ordained me as a priestess of Isis in 1997.

Many of my Healing Goddess Dances have been presented in this temple as the opening night ceremony for the annual Convocation of Isis. This dance will open this year’s ceremony as Isis the celestial queen on Oct 5, 2012.

The music was created specifically for this dance by Amy Auset Rohn an ordained priestess of Isis and a professional harpist. ~

Video by Eric Bobrow

Special Thanks to Isis Oasis Sanctuary and the Temple of Isis
©2012 Le’ema Kathleen Graham

Sacred Dance | Salem Samhain

This video was shot in Salem and Wenham MA in October 2012. It is the 11th dance in the series of 13 Moon Dances for 2012 in honor of the Full Moon at Samhain/Halloween.

Special thanks to Ayden Graham for his assistance and also to Johanna Bobrow member of Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band for the gift of the music.
The album is Disco Discordia and the piece is Lonesome Vagabond

Video filmed and edited by Eric Bobrow

Sacred Dance | Eclipse Into Light

The 12th in the series of 13 Moon Dances for 2012!

This month had 2 eclipses so I felt the theme was about freedom and light!

Sagittarius Sun and Gemini Moon gave rise to the qualities of fire and air and meditation, philosophy and free thinking! And how all of this is expressed in a dance of the Sacred Feminine for these auspicious times leading up to the Solstice.

Video by Eric Bobrow
Music by Stanton Lanier
Filmed on location in Marin County, CA

Sacred Dance | Long Night’s Moon

The final dance of the series 13 Moon Dances for 2012 by Dancing Priestess Le’ema Kathleen Graham.

This dance is dedicated to Lady Zarita Muniz Zook a dear priestess elder who lives in the snowy lands of Montana and who has been a blessed gift of love, light and learning in my life!

Music by Surabhi
Video by Eric Bobrow
Costume by Dhyanis
Filmed in Marin County on the Winter Solstice Full Moon December 2012.

This piece was inspired by the Reindeer Goddess and the magical light that pours forth during the longest night of the wheel of the year. It fulfills a promise I made to create a series for 2012 with each dance focused on the current lunar cycle as a prayer to the earth, the sea, the sky and all of creation.

May all who view these dances find peace and healing.