Sacred Movement Practice – Week 5 – Ether

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Greetings Beloveds —

Here we are for the final class of our online course Shedding Your Old Skin for Spring! Wow! Just in time for this dark/new moon in June!

There are two parts to this class. You may wish to do them together or do the movement practice by itself once or twice and then do the veil dance part a day or two later. That will give you time to absorb the energies. And be ready for the shedding ceremony.


I chose to wear black and white for this practice to symbolize the union of opposites and the alchemy of blending our dark/light, lower/higher selves.

This one is a gentle and more moderate practice compared to some of the others. And yet, it is much deeper and more penetrating. You are ready! Let’s dive in to release, relax and rejuvenate ourselves!

Draw your spirit essence into yourself in this section into your head, heart, and body. Feel your inner Goddess radiating Serpentine LOVE up and down your spine. Send it out and circle it back into yourself.

The Sufi chanting in Arabic is for drawing Mercy and Compassion into the SELF, as well as honouring the Greatness of the Goddess within—Allat.

Enjoy dancing your feminine mystique showering yourself with the etheric energy of the Rainbow Serpent. Feel the rise and fall of the breath within the slow movement and the undulating rhythms of your spine your inner serpent!

Bliss out in your magnificent embodied RADIANCE!



 MUSIC CREDITS: Jami Sieber (Red Mood, Out of the Mist), Bab’ Aziz Soundtrack (Ya Allah, Bab’ Aziz), Oriental Fantasy (Egyptian Love Affair, Rhumba Ala eh Betloumy)


Gentle thoughts…

About the Veil Dance


For the veil section you may simply watch it as my gift to you and receive the transmission…And/or please join me by getting yourself ritually dressed in white (after a cleansing bath) and using a dark colored piece of fabric or veil to represent this final letting go and shedding of our old skins ECDYSIS!

You don’t have to do what I do just enjoy the music and MOVE SLOWLY. FEEL this old skin shedding.



(Exception is being in Nature)

Remember you are a newborn with a baby fresh new skin. Absorb the magic of ETHER and let it move through the whole body/mind/spirit. Ingest the sweet sensations. It is a very deep practice so you will be sensitive and open so seriously limit any outer world input for 24 hours if you can or at least overnight. This includes movies, videos or any other mundane worldly activity such as shopping, eating out or going to a concert or a bar. Just relax and stay in the zone for awhile.

You may feel ecstatic, sad, drunk, quiet, sleepy, or maybe wildly awake. Sit in meditation or go to sleep right after to receive the psychic benefit of the transmission. Enjoy the changes that will come.

My hope is that you feel sweet tenderness and peace and contentment towards yourself as a GREAT SOUL!


MUSIC CREDITS: Bab’ Aziz Soundtrack (The Wedding, Ishtar, Poem of the Atoms, Dream of the Palace)

angel:snakeBeing Transformed into a Snake

I am a long-lived snake;

I pass the night and am reborn every day.

I am a snake which is in the limits of the earth;

I pass the night and am reborn, renewed and rejuvenated every day.

 – The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead


In order to have a strong etheric body one must nurture the physical body through diet, movement and meditation.

 — Le’ema Kathleen Graham

Meditation Tips – Spleen Breath


Visualize inhaling golden topaz light into the spleen (including the pancreas and the digestive system). Smile and breathe in the qualities of fairness, openness and trust.

Exhale on a long slow deep droning didgeridoo-like “Whooo” sound. See grey / black smoke as you breathe out. Release worry, anxiety and mistrust.

Topaz opens the crown and solar plexus chakras. It aids in stabilizing the emotions and helps to slow the aging process when meditated upon.

This golden yellow topaz color instills optimism and energy, a sunny disposition, intelligence and enlightenment.



Beauty Tip – Frankincense Oil and Resin


Frankincense oil has a sweet, warm, balsamic aroma that is stimulating and elevating to the mind. Useful for visualizing, improving one’s spiritual connection, and centering, it has comforting properties that help focus the mind and overcome stress and despair.

Frankincense is considered the holy anointing oil in the Middle East, where it has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. More recently, it has been used in European and American hospitals and is the subject of substantial research.

Frankincense oil is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for aging and dry skin. The ancient Egyptians used it in rejuvenation face masks.

I use Frankincense oil on my face, and especially on the third eye. I burn Frankincense resin for purifying and protecting myself and creating sacred space as it has a very high vibration.


Diet Tip – Pineapple

31282-pineapplePineapple is loaded with Vitamin C, B1 and smaller amounts of B2, B3, B5 and B6. It also is an excellent source of manganese, copper, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, folic acid, and dietary fiber.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of pineapple is in its amount of bromelain content. Bromelain in pineapple has the special ability to help our body balance and neutralize fluids so that it’s neither too alkaline nor too acidic. Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme which effectively reduces inflammation and swelling.

Pineapple’s golden yellow color is a symbol of wealth.

One of my favorite recipes is the pineapple enzyme drink.



  • Core and cut one ripe pineapple into chunks.
  • Take one bunch of parsley, cut the ends off and chop finely.
  • Put the ingredients into a blender and add water as needed.

It’s yummy and it energizes and alkalinizes the system. It’s a great summer drink!




Closing words…namasté…