The Making of Thirteen Moon Dances for 2012

It  damn near killed me but it kept me alive!

2012 was a year that had many of us on our toes. So many dire predictions of the end of time and the end of the world as we know it. It was the Year of the Black Water Dragon! A year of great magic and wonder! The year I turned the wheel of my 60th birthday. I wanted the whole year  to be a dance testament of my devotion to my path as a visionary dancing priestess.

At first the inspiration came to make 13 simple dances in my studio for each full moon. Then as the work began and I opened more to the spirit of the Divine Feminine pouring through me I realized that it was not me who wanted this…it was ordained from on high!  She ” who hath the steerage of my course” directed my sail and led me to many places sublime to show Herself through me.

And the blessing of my beloved partner to come with me on location with a video camera and not only follow my directions for the shoot but also in the editing process was an extraordinary gift that continues to amaze me! We bravely battled the elements on many shoots and exhausted ourselves on more than one occasion. A beautiful and  intimate bond formed between us through the trials and tribulations of our monthly moon mysteries.

These dances saved my life literally!